Is it true that friendship within a girl and a boy is not real? My mother's boyfriend told her there was not such a thing as a 'cool frienship' coming from a boy. He said there's always a special interest in the middle. What do yo think? Have u ever happened that your best friend is in love with you? I mean, it could be in both sides. You start to talk to people to know them better, but it's beacuse their catched your eye.
So this man told me it was very strange to find a boy who only wants you as a friend and nothing else.

And it may be true, right? It even happens in the movies, when the bestfriend is in love with the starring who's into someone else that doesen't deserve them, but the bestfriend will always be there to dry the tears out and waiting for them to realize their crush.

This was what took place for me and my boyfriend, he wasn't like my very best friend but we were cool; we used to hang out, smoke a lot, go to parties and do crazy stuff, he even used to talk to me about his girlfriends and i told him about the boys i liked. But i never knew he was completely in love with me. I never saw him that way in a year and a half, until i realized he was all i wanted and risking our friendship kissing him. And i unterstood why he was so nice with me, why all the times together were so good, and why he saved me a lot of times from myself and other people.

There was always an interest. Sometimes we or they are so afraid to show it out for losing the person. But you'll never know what it could be if you give a shot.

So what's on your mind after reading this article? i'd love to know and read your experiences :) i also hope u liked it!