This is my first 30 day writing challenge so it might not be the best. - xo

Day 1: "Explain the meaning of your name"

First off my name is Susan, but most people call me Susie. I guess I should start off by telling you why I was named Susan.

Originally my first name was going to be Taylor because my mother had always dreamed of her first child to be named Taylor but when she met my father my grandmother had just past away. When I was born my father wrote Susan Taylor on the birth certificate without my mother knowing and he had named me after his mother. He put "Taylor" as my middle name because all my cousins on my dads side younger and older then me have it as a middle name as well so at the end of the day my mother was mostly satisfied with my name and my dad was happy he had a daughter to carry on my grandmothers name.

I have never liked my name as silly as it seems. I haven't liked it because it sounds very old fashion and when my parents split I begged my mom to change my name but she said no. Kids in my classes in elementary always had modern names and I always wished I had. With some friends they call me Taylor because I didn't want them calling me by first name because I had disliked it so much. As I get older I am starting to adjust to it as i start to see the name pop up even more which is nice.

In Hebrew my name means lily of the valley. :)

Hope you liked it, -Susie