I saw this challenge on @themermaidwriter and i wanted to do it..in one day because i'm not good at doing stuff continuely.

  • Day:1 ''Explain the meaning of your name''.

My name is Alicia, my parents were listening to a movie and the girl name was Alicia and they thouht that was beautiful. In more deep meaning Alicia
is known by the Sensibility, intelligence and communication. The color of Alicia is yellow symbol of joy
warmth and friendship.

  • Day 2: ''Make a list of six things that make you happy''

-The sun that hits my face in summer and the wind that goes in my hair.
-My family, friends, cats
-Clothes, shopping. That feeling when your not feeling good and you buy a pieces of clothing and your heart feel up with joy.
-The summer moments, the night by a fire with some friends, the night walking outside talking and having fun,
-Going to the beach, feet in the sand, hearing the waves, the sun buring my skin.
-Traveling, juste taking a break of all the things happening for a little while.

  • Day 3: ''Write about two memories''

I did a hole text and all deleted..Here we go again.
The first one coming to my mind is when i was 8-9. My parents had invited their friends with their kids. We had fun playing in the pool and playing hide and seek. But that moment, the moment when all the kids were sleeping but me. When all the adults were outside by a fire with the stars on sky. No noise, juste the adults talking and laughing. This moment i still feel it. I was in pajamas with a blanket, laying werdly but comfy on a camping chair, next to my parent and a friends. I was looking at the stars waiting to see a shooting stars. I was feeling so secured and happy. I wish i can go back at this time.

The others one is more funny. At the age of 8-9 again my best friends and i were suppose to meet after school. She came at my house with her bike white and purple, she had a pink fushia top with green lime pants. At this time we had no idea how bad it look and now we are laughing at this. I love how my childhood was. I had no friends just my two bestfriends who wasn't coming at the same school. People at my school was fooling me around, and i wasn't even hurt. Yes it made me going threw some stuff now because of this but at this age i was so don't care.

I know it's two but i had another in mind. I was like 12 or 13. My two bestfriends and i was walking in our little city. We were going in the woods but on the way my friends take some Ty-rap and brillant like he is he decided to put one on each wrist and he tied them up . At the beginning it was funny but more we were walking more he was playing with them and more they tie up..But i don't know if you know what is it but basically the only way to take them off its by cuting them.. 3 kids walking on the street how do we cut that out. Now it so funny but then we were a little stressed out. We finished going at my neighbord, i don't know why we didn't go at my house but yeah my neighbord was a little confused but he cut that off.

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I actually think i'm gonna stop their and see because it's getting very late. I think i will do it in many parts for sure.. so yeah good night xx