okay. although i only started high school this year, i have realized a lot of important things that i wish someone told me before i went back to school. this is for all you kids who are either going to start this year or perhaps next year. please do tell me if i'm missing something and i'll include it in a part two or something. (:

1. don't skip class:
seriously, do not do this. you're missing out on really important info and it really doesn't look cool. just remember that when you skip class, it doesn't have any effect on your teachers or your peers, it effects you and your grades.

2. cut the drama and toxic friendships:
they're not helping you to do your best and are such a huge waste of time. the last thing you wanna be known as is the one who doesn't know how to keep the ball in their court. not only that, you don't wanna go ruining your reputation there.

3. eat breakfast every morning:
nothing is worse than sitting at your desk, unable to concentrate on what is being said and wishing you had something to eat in the middle of class. it's important to take care of yourself if you want to do well and feel good at the same time. breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day.

4. get enough sleep (roughly 8 hours each night):
i cannot stress this enough! you. need. to. sleep. if you want to improve your grades, you're gonna need the energy to study later on. not only that, you'll need to be awake to take effective notes.

5. being popular shouldn't be your #1 priority:
think of it this way, nobody will care if you were in the 'it' squad when you leave. as long as you have loyal friends who truly care about you, you should be fine. there is a difference between being well known and being known well.

6. bring coffee to school and ignore the people who tease you for it:
honestly, who's the real winner here? you've got something to keep you awake when you're feeling drowsy and they don't. who cares?

7. bring some snacks, too. it doesn't matter if anyone hears you eating in class:
you'll need a little something to nibble on sooner or later.

8. use your support system:
there is going to come a time where you're really stressed out with everything you have to do. when that happens, it's essential to go to someone you trust because you never know, they could help tremendously. i'm talking about your friends, your parents/caregiver, a teacher or guidance counselor.

9. if you need help, ask for it asap:
you're gonna get stuck at least once when it comes to homework and that's okay. ask your teachers lots of questions during or after class, join study groups and use your school's library. these can really help you to get ahead and make that mountain of homework a little less intimidating.

10. don't be a people pleaser:
in the end, the friends who form relationships with the real you are the ones that end up staying in your life for the longest. you really can't expect everyone to like you and that's okay. people who try so incredibly hard to fit in are some of the most annoying people you'll meet.

create a shared google doc and invite your classmates to edit it with you. take notes on there and mark anything that you're unsure of and help others when they are confused. this way, you'll have access to things you may have missed during class and each person will be able to get help on anything that needs clarification. i'm currently doing this on social sciences, math and english and it's a huge help. i highly encourage you to try this as well.

there you have it! i hope you find these useful! please do suggest any other posts and have a fabulous day/night. <3

- softnsmol