Hi guys!!!!

Day 30.List 10 things you would hope to be remembered for

1) my kindness
Always be nice to people, even if they have not been with you, karma is a bitch and will know what to do with those people, trust me bae.

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2) True friend
I would like to be remembered as a very good friend, one who was always loyal and sincere.

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3) Good daughter
For loving them so much and being proud of me

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4) Good Sister
For loving him with all my heart, for teaching him values, for always being by his side, no matter what happens.

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5) Good Wife
When the day arrives, I want every time my future husband sees me, he feels proud to have me by his side

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6) Good mom
I would like to be remembered as the best mom in the world

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7) Best in my job
That all those years and nights without sleeping to study are reflected in my future work.

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8) Being inspiring
I hope that throughout my life I have managed to inspire someone

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9) The smiley girl
I would like to be remembered as the girl who always smiled no matter what happened.

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10) Making a difference

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So this is the end.It makes me a little bit sad to stop doing this, but I've started another collection where I write other things, so I hope to see you there. 👇

Thank you very much for following me and for those beautiful messages that you left for me, it was really cute to read them, thank you very very very much, guys. You are awesome. I hope you enjoyed it because I had fun doing this 30 day challenge. If you want you can also follow me on

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The last thing I want to tell you is to have a nice day, smile a lot, and love a lot, always.

And remember this, please 🙏. You are beautiful in every single way, you are worth a lot, and everything you do is incredible. Do not let anyone make you think otherwise.

Lots of love,