Hey Loves!
Friendship, in my opinion, this is one of the most important things in life. You get through life with your friends and your friendships grow as you grow older with your friends.

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It is important to have people that you trust and can talk to. To me, the most important of all friends is your best friend. My best friend means the world to me and supports me through everything. I feel s comfortable to tell her about my issues and no matter what, she always gives me a brilliant solution. I am always with my BFF (we hope forever). We literally do everything together and if we aren't we always ask for approval. I love my best friend, she's super supportive! She always tells me whether what I am doing is gonna be silly! It is so important to have someone in your life around your age that will tell you their opinions on your decisions without feeling scared that you're going to be upset. Even if this friend leaves you feeling a bit upset, don't let that break your relationship with them because remember, they have your best interest at heart.

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One of my favorite things is getting ready and hanging out with my BFF! I love showing up to events with my BFF having super cute hair, makeup, and an outfit and being able to give credit to my BFF. In my opinion, doing each others hair and makeup is SUCH good bonding time. Being able to go on shopping sprees and buy matching outfits to wear (and look super cute too) and beautiful shoes as well! This is such a good thing to do with your BFF because it makes you feel super cool!

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Being open with your BFF is hard because it takes time. You need to be comfortable with your BFF until you can be completely open with them. Once you feel comfortable with them you will be open with them, that is when you start to feel like sisters!

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The nest thing is travel. Traveling with your BFF is super fun, even if you only travel to each others house! Traveling overseas with your BFF is a once in a lifetime experience #superfun. I traveled with my BFF to Barcelona and Paris. It was AMAZING. We went on so many tours together and swam in almost every Spanish beach together, it was great.

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Lastly, I just wanted to say, cherish your friends and best friends because they are super important to you. They are super important when helping you become the people you are and will be. I love my best friend, so should you!

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