hellooo! i think im posting many articles this day but whatever lol. tonight's article is going to be about fashion. my first article about fashion, i am excited :) so let's begin

minimalist earings

for an everyday look, even for a big look, minimalist earings are a plus and you can wear many of them and not looking extra. i love them.
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cozy scarfs

of course, this is a winter plus. they are too cute and matches with every outfit you are wearing. there are in many shapes, colors and fabrics.
autumn, scarf, and sweater image Image by ♛Princess♛

bright bags

don't be afraid to wear one of this on the street. bright colors reflects happiness and fun but personally i think it'd look better on summer but if you want to wear it on winter-sping-fall GO AHEAD girl, you are going to rock this anyway.
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fuzzy coat

this fuzzy coat style has been all over internet these days and all started because of the pixie coat by i am gia but you guys, these looks so good with every damn look! and you can find them in every store with different prices. [the first girl on the picture has the pixie coat btw in case you are wondering]
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they. are. the. perfect. accessory. for. every. look. i have been obsessed with the one pic type that is kind of like a sailor hat, you can wear it all the year and it'll look good.
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this trend reminds me of when i was young and i was too skinny that my pants didn't fit so i had to wear a belt [nowdays i don't wear a belt because i want to afford a gucci one #sad] but i stop wearing them because i grow up… anyways, now THE BELTS ARE BACK [i think they never left but yall understand what i'm saying lol]
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everyday necklace

everything looks better with a cute little necklace. that's all i am going to say.
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crop hoddies

i don't know why, but i love to wear them with leggings just to chill or going somewhere i mean, they look good not gonna lie.
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ankle boots

4 pics because they are my all time favorite! they match with everything, make you look taller and hot. what else do you need in an outfit?! boom.
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b&w dresses

always keep a black and white dress on your closet. i suggest you to keep a casual and formal of each color. they are always necessary.
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even if there's not sun, you can wear and rock them like a superstar.
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destroyed jeans

super casual and fun.
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i think that was for it! i hope yall like it because i put too much effort in this post, i really like to talk about fashion and all that :)

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