I went to Youtube...what I found in my recommendations haunts me to this hour....
Rachael Ballinger posted this damn "sexist" video in 2016.(Fyi, 2016 was fucked up for a lot of people)
(i swear to god if this link doesnt work..-_-)
Sexist toys...really? Ok I get where she's coming from on about gender specific toys. First off...this bish is over 20 years old...and ranting about toys...*cough* cough ..really? Im not hating on this woman.Im not sexist either. She even said if we disagree from her that makes us sexist. Ok then Im a sexist mixed girl then claps good job *claps*most of the time i was disliking the fact that she was wearing "girl" clothes and wore pink lipstick. She hates pink... and ranting about childhood toys
-_- I myself actually like both pink or blue..but I dont go around saying that kids shouldn't have a gender code or saying that little girls shouldn't have a pink washing machiine toy..there's a toy for boys too.If I like pink..does that make me sexist? no. COLORS ARE COLORS FFS . Also lady..why were you in the toy section..? "For girls only" "For boys only" fyi...the majority of the human race like gender specific toys..does that make them sexist? fuck to the no.Rachael basically said that children are also sexist...bitch leave. Here's the thing..you dont choose what kids pick for their toy.