I've loved reading ever since I learned how to. Sadly since I've started high school I haven't really had to read anything (that wasn't for school) but spring break is in a few weeks so while other people go on fun vacations i'm going to read...which is my idea of fun.

oh and i'm counting a series of books as one.

1. The 5th Wave
Aliens or as the book calls them "the others" invade earth. The story follows Cassie Sullivan as she tries to survive.
This book is very good and I highly recommend it if your into books like this.

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2. Out of My Mind
This is about Melody Brooks, an eleven year old girl with cerebral palsy, she can't talk or move but despite this her mom enrolls her in school. She is put in a "baby class" because they learn the same things everyday. Her neighbor is very nice yet tough and she would push melody to do her best. In fifth grade she is giving a device to help her communicate. A lot more happens but I don't want to give it away.

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This book hasn't been made into a movie but I found this cool fan art.

3. Harry Potter Series
Do I even have to put a summary of this book?

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4. Heaven is Paved With Oreos
Sarah Zorn is 14 years old. Her grandmother Z, takes her on a trip to Rome and gives her a journal to write about her time there. This description may make the book sound kinda boring but trust me it's pretty good but saying more would give away the story.

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Since this book is also not a movie and isn't very well known there is no fan art or anything but these pictures make me think of the story.

5. If I Stay
Mia Hall is a teenager girl. One day her and her family go for a drive and they get in a car crash. Mia finds herself standing next to the bodies of her mom,dad,little brother and herself, thinking "am I dead?". She is in a coma and reflects on the past and has to decide if she should fight to live. If you choose to read this you might want to have tissues with you!

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