After writing about my morning routine yesterday, I couldn’t help but realize how unfinished the picture was without a night time routine! You can have a marvelous plan for your morning but unless you prepare for it the day before, it’s extremely difficult to be successful!

The evening is not only the time to physically get things ready for the next day, but you also should use the time to mentally prepare for the next day. I don’t know about you, but when I go-go-go, pass out, then try to do it all over again I’m looking at a recipe for burnout. I have a massive tendency towards burnout since I can be a bit of a workaholic, so it takes quite a bit of conscious effort to make sure I don’t put myself into that situation again.

I don’t necessarily think my routine is perfect...far from it, I’m sure! But I do think that over the years I’ve realized some key things that really help to make my mornings more successful.

Plan for the day ahead

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This is absolutely KEY. I am obsessed with my paper planner and it has, without exaggeration, changed my life. Not only do I plan out my week at a high level on Sunday, but every day after work, I set up my schedule for the day ahead.

This means ensuring I know:

  • What’s my schedule? What meetings do I have?
  • What are my top 3 priorities for the day?
  • Is anything due?
  • What does the rest of my to-do list look like?

I know some people who can think through these questions in the morning before they begin their day but this does NOT work for me. If I wait to plan until the day of one of two things happens 1) I don’t schedule enough to-do’s because I don’t want to do them or 2) I let whatever chaos of the day control my priorities. When I set it the day before, it’s as if I’ve had time to solidify my goals as I sleep. Silly sounding? Maybe. But it works.


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Sometimes I can get a workout in over lunch, but if not, I will get some exercise in after. I vary this based on how I feel. Sometimes it’s an at home circuit, sometimes it’s yoga, sometimes it’s a dance party, sometimes it’s a workout at the gym. I find that I am more consistent with exercising if I tell myself that I can do whatever I feel like! If I start working out and realize all my body feels like doing is some yoga—well then that’s what I’m going to do.

Cook and eat dinner

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Self explanatory. But necessary.

Get rid of the day

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This is where the TRUE night time routine starts. It’s time to light some candles in the bathroom and have a nice shower. The candles make it feel like a pampering event—even though it’s just a shower! Next comes the skincare routine, the body lotion, and the brushing of the teeth.

Creative time

Image by Riyan❀

After getting all cleaned up I like to spend time reading and/or writing. This is part of that getting-my-mind-right thing I talked about earlier. The writing helps immensely with getting rid of anxiety and I just love to read, especially non-fiction, to continue to learn!

Ok go to bed

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Go to bed. Really. Sleep is important. No binge-watching Netflix. No endless social media. I try to be asleep by 10pm. This means I like to be in bed winding down by 9pm. If I’m not to sleepy yet, I’ll listen to a podcast to help me wind down.

That’s it. It’s nothing earth-shattering—but it takes me quite a bit of discipline to maintain. It HELPS though. Goodness gracious it helps. When I’m taking care of myself and following a nice healthy routine at night I feel so much more prepared for the day to come!