I still remember when I first heard this Charlie Chaplin speech, I was moved. So often time we forget we are the same specie, we share our humanity but
"greed has poisoned men's souls, has barricaded the world with hate.."

"more than machinery, we need humanity" We all different yet we are the same deep down at a molecular level. We human had advanced too quickly that often we overlooked critical problems in the world, we become indifferent. There are so many futuristic sci-fi and dystopic stories about the fear of machinery took hold of our lives, but not many ever mentioned the fear one day we, human lack the empathy toward our own kind, we only live in greed, without love, or affection toward the world around us.

As our world constantly evolving with advancing technologies, we must maintain our humanity, our mindset, and emotions to make judgement. Those are the qualities that set us apart from machinery, that's what make us humans. We are free men, we are not bounded by anyone. We might be so different, but we share one thing - Humanity.

This was the speech JFK announcing to Americans that "We choose to go to the moon" This showed human ambition, competition to take on challenges. How often do you look at the moon and think to yourself "we, human had walked the moon" we made it there with the help of intelligent minds, brave astronauts, and many unnamed people that make space traveling possible. We now moved on to exploring Mars, one day we might need to add a new planet to our birth certificates. We keep pushing forward and made so many dreams reality. Americans had came a long way, from Manifest Destiny, westward expansion to exploring our galaxy. This is incredible, we would not have much knowledge about space right now if we didn't keep our curiosity alive, and taking actions for a whole.

The sky is never the limit, human had walked the moon, and we will continue exploring endless mysteries out there.