17 years living in a cruel, cruel world.
10 years being oblivious to the system of this controlling world.
7 years of learning the truth. on my own.
what does it all mean?
why is it like this?
has it always been?
as a young African child living in America, they call it being African American or black. altering an identity or label that I never knew I had.
living in a country they call a dream, a country with a system that was never built to protect me. But they didn't teach me that in school.
forcing me at a young age to recite something about war, and pledging my loyalty to a country that was never loyal to me.
What is the truth?
I constantly hear 'we're all human', 'we're all the same'
but hearing that these whole 17 years the phrases never change.
all I can do is wish and hope have faith that things just might get better.
losing huge inspirations and aspirational people who played a big role in making a change with people like me.
those learning.
those been lied to.
those who from the beginning being born into a world where only people who were like us, could only protect one another.
combining our voices, be an example for the children.
teach them what the schools didn't teach us.
17 years not living in my true home, being uncertain from time to time on who I really am.
what have I been doing for 17 years?
living. in a cruel, cruel world.