💫Hey there!💫

So I was thinking about doing a group chat through Skype because why not?
So a little bit about me:

I love memes and vines.

I'm always thinking. You know those random thoughts you get at like 4 am to be productive or something? Yeah well that's how i am.

I'm literally always giving advice to someone and just being there for them.

My favorite music artist would have to be the 1975,bea miller,blackbear,cardi b, and HAIM. So uh yeah basically my music taste is all over the place.


Be under 18 (13-16)
Any race,sexuality is welcome.
Be nice and supportive of everyone!
Be active (don't go ghost after like a week)
Don't be boring i don't want those convos that just ask you what you're doing every 5 minutes.
Send me your skype user and i'll add you to the chat!

That's about all! Send me a message of your age,and name, and where you live if comfortable (just to get a idea of the time zones) Who knows we might even be able to all meet one day!