These are the songs that remind me of what we lost.

(If you haven't yet seen pt.1 go check it out!)

2. Stay by Miley Cyrus

It's been weeks now since I heard your voice. The thought of that made the lines echo in my head, "Well, it's good to hear your voice, I hope you're doing fine; And if you ever wonder, I'm lonely here tonight", God, how I miss that voice, it's unexplainable. Something so soft and sweet. Every time you talked it sounded as if the world hadn't tainted you yet. And, yes, my nights are lonely without you here and without your calls.

The lyrics continue "I love you more than I did before and if today I don't see your face; Nothing's changed no one could take your place,It gets harder everyday: Say you love me more than you did before and I'm sorry that it's this way". I think the part that eats me alive at night is that I know I'm the one that destroyed you. I couldn't love you the way you deserved to be loved and that tore you apart. I tried to move on with different guys and girls but it seemed regardless of my affairs all signs led back to you.

Then "I try to live without you, but tears fall from my eyes: I'm alone and I feel empty. God, I'm torn apart inside. I look up at the stars hoping you're doing the same and somehow I feel closer: And I can hear you say, I miss you, I need you". Missing you is my main occupation and ultimate frustration. All I want is to mend all the broken promises. But I can't go back in time. Being without you has opened my eyes to many things. I would've never realized just how cruel of me it was to treat you how I did.

" And if you ask me I will stay, I will stay" If you asked me now, there wouldn't be a question in my mind. Although, I know I'm not worth fighting for, you'd still put up a fight.

The song goes on with many beautiful melodies and wonderful lyrics which, I won't ruin your enjoyment of with my rather depressing comments.

" You're the one that I hold onto, 'cause my heart would stop without you"

"I never want to lose you and if I had to I would chose you"

"I'm lost here in this moment and time keeps slipping by, and if I could have just one wish I'd have you by my side."

I hope you all enjoyed my little personal synopsis. Thanks for reading.