he offered her the world but she said no. why? because his world consisted of pain, heartbreak, ignorant opinions. he didn't believe in love, he didn't even believe in equal rights. he thought men were superior. he shamed women who didn't have slim waists. he thought that the scars on people were hideous. he thought her ideas were stupid, he tried to take her voice away. he slut-shamed girls who didn't fit his description of a decent girl.

he didn't want to put in the work. he didn't want to be told what to do by someone else. he didn't appreciate the teachings of his mother. he hated his father for not having a decent job. he thought everyone would bow down to him. he thought she would do too. he wanted her to spread her legs but not speak her mind. he wanted to be pleasured by her body but not love her.

fuck your world. she said. he didn't know that the women he shamed once felt bad about themselves but now they embraced it and love themselves. he didn't know that the people with scars carried stories he would never survive, yet they did. he didn't know that the girls he slut-shamed were actually fighting for their own voice, making a statement as they go. he didn't know that she didn't want to be with a mediocre. he didn't know that his mother was only loving her son and that his dad was working hard to fulfill his son's wishes. he didn't know that a queen like her would never bow down to a mindless peasant.

so fuck your world. because she's creating her own.