Despite all the shittiness I've been in throughout this year, I learned as many as well. One thing I'll always remember, happiness is important. Everyone deserves to be happy, but not everyone knows how to be happy. I'm not saying it was an easy task and ofc I'm not saying we have to please everyone, we can't. At the very least we can do is, be nice to them. I started to compliment people I met, just "you look good today" "the color suits you" "nice outfit" or if it's too hard, "hello" or "good morning" can work, and if its still too hard, smile, just smile.

At first, it felt strange. How to smile in the morning if you just cried the night before?

You may sad, you may have a bitter life, hell, you may want to die, but... Does the world have to know that?

I don't give a damn about what people think of me, but that doesn't justify I have to treat them bad.

So, why don't we start by saying "you look good today"?