My Poetry - " I'm okay...''

I have tried to stay quiet,
To become numb and silent
But then the words came out
So easily from my mouth.

I didn’t want any stress
Or to make another mess,
With the struggles I hide,
Trying to protect my pride.

Can’t you see I need to say:
‘’It’s fine, I promise I’ll be okay.’’
And a lot of truth has been said,
Except that I want to be dead.

My dear friend, please know
Even though I often don’t show
My love for you is always here,
Even when I’m bound by fear.

You can’t fix what’s broken,
If the pieces are forever stolen.
Just be there and don’t get mad,
With every good there’s a little bad.

Let me fake a smile without your pity
Let me make another lie a reality...

- Mikaela