Hi girls,
Here are some moments when you really need to listen to your best friend.
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01 ~ When She Says You Need To Try A Bigger Size.
Because you don't see it by yourself, there's your BFF. Just because she knows when you try the smaller size, you'll look like an Oempa Loempa.

02 ~ When She Says He Doesn't Feels The Same About You.
Love makes you blind, but not for your BFF. Just because she's like an FBI and just see everything from an distance, (without the pink glasses) she see things clearly. If she's really your BFF, trust her and dump him.

03 ~ When She Says That She Doesn't Trust Your New Friend.
Trust me, she's not jelous. She tells you this because she wants to protect you.

04 ~ When She Says To Get Off The Couch.
You'll be suprised! There is so much more then your bed and NETFLIX. If you'll having a bad day, call your BFF and she will drag you out of bed in a minute. TRUST ME

05 ~ When She Says You're To Hard For Yourself.
Sometimes your biggest enemy is yourself and she's knows that. So that's why she tells you to give yourself a little bit of credit instead of putting yourself to the ground.

06 ~ When She Says You Reached The Limit.
In that case, listen to her. At that moment you have reached the limit with drinking alcohol. Not because she don't want you to have fun but more that she don't wat you to throw up or even worse to texting your ex.

07 ~ When She Say You Can Do It.
"YOU CAN DO IT!" Is the most beautiful thing someone can say to you.

08 ~ When She Say You're Wrong Or Doing Something Wrong.
But believe her if she want to apologize. She's always on your side in good and even in bad days. So don't get stubbornly when she tells you the truth because don't forget she is your reality-check.

09 ~ When She Say That Everyting Is Going To Be Alright.
She knows how strong you are. It doesn't matter how down you are at that moment, she's the one who believes in you and never leaves you alone.

10 ~ When She Say That She Loves You.
Believe here when she tells you that she loves you and that you're pretty. Because you're pretty and you're never alone!
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Sorry girls, this is the end. I hoped you liked it!
Have a nice day!

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