hello friends,

im doing the this is me challenge but im making the questions for myself so you guys can just know a little more about me

1. my favorite color

flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image yellow, love, and aesthetic image
its such a bright and happy color but i also really love black. yellow is actually the color of my room (the decor) and when i was little i called it "lellow"

2. my favorite book

book, harry potter, and fantastic beasts image book, christmas, and fantastic beasts image
fantastic beasts but also anything by jk rowlong is amazing

3. my favorite song

london, red, and telephone image london image
london lights by with confidence they are a great band if you strugglw mental health wise and i love their music

4. my color aesthetic

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
i really love the color black. its simple and kinda boring like me honestly

5. my style

black, grunge, and pale image Temporarily removed
my style is very plain and i wear black almost in every outfit because 1) i matches everything 2) i like the way it looks on my skin and 3) my hair and eyes look black so it matches

6. my aesthetic

adidas, girl, and grunge image bus, girl, and yellow image
i would say my aesthetic is half grunge aesthetic and the the other half is the art hoe aesthetic

7. my features

brown eyes, camera, and eyelashes image abs, body, and girl image
i have brown hair that looks black but when im in the sun it looks red oddly, my skin is a honey/caramel color, my eyes are so brown they almost look black and im very skinny

8. my favorite fictional character

green, aesthetic, and Letter image draco malfoy, harry potter, and tom felton image
draco malfoy

9. dream job

away, bridge, and camera image Image removed
i want to do screenplay writing or script writing. no matter what i do though i hope its in the film industry

10. my favorite movie

Image by c🥀 aesthetic, brown, and Felicity Jones image
rouge one. its actually what made me what to get more into film and photography