Now I don't consider myself beautiful but I am not ugly either. I may have a some belly fat but the main problem is my face. I have, most of the time some sort of acne, not sure what, and I always have a lot of pimples especially , on my chin and forehead. This happened recently like a couple of years ago ( I am almost 20 now) because when I was younger my face was fine.
So over the years I tried to get rid of them but nothing worked and I learned to live with them. They don't bother me anymore and I am not ashamed of them.
Unfortunately, my relatives and my family , especially my granny don't think like this. My granny always says to me that I should do something about it because they make me ugly but I TRIED. It's just that it didn't work.
I HATE that she along with other people can see past these little things and they always remember me that I have them. Like I could magically forget -_-
But I learned that even though you have pimples or freckle (because I also have that) it shouldn't matter. We shouldn't judge people based on their appearance. We should accept as they are because those little imperfection define them and we shouldn't try to change them because it's not our body and it's not our life so it's not our decision. It's theirs and they can choose whatever they want and we should support them if we really love them.
In the end with or without pimples or freckle or any other issue like these, we are still the same. So you should love your body just the way it is.