Hey guys! Today I will be writing a book review for the book wonder. Wonder is a very good book that teaches you that appearance is not what matters most, but what matters most is who you really are.

Title: Wonder
Author: R. J. Palacio
Genre: Realistic Fiction
My Rating: 9/10

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Book Review:

August Pullman is a fifth-grade boy with a severe facial difference. His loving parents and sister have shielded him from many outside influences before WONDER begins; he's been homeschooled up until that point, for example. But at the start of the book, his mother has decided that it's time for Auggie to brave a real school experience. Auggie is upset and afraid to face the kids' reactions to his appearance, but there's also part of him that wants to do "normal" things. The director of his new school, Mr. Tushman, introduces Auggie to a small group of students before school starts, thinking this will help ease the transition. Whereas some of the students Auggie meets are accepting and kind, others are a bit put off by him, and still others are downright cruel. The novel follows Auggie's first year of middle school from beginning to end. It's a year in which Auggie experiences the best and the worst of human nature and a year of tremendous emotional growth for him.

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The Characters:

This story is set at Beecher Prep Middle School. The protagonist is August “Auggie” Pullman, who was born with a genetic disorder that is a mystery to all doctors. Through the 10 years of his life he has had 27 surgeries, but nothing seemed to work. August is facing many struggles as he starts going to a new school, after being homeschooled for a very long period of time. Before school begins, he meets a boy named Jack. Jack became a very good friend of August, but he tries to be popular at the same time, which leads to a broken heart. Summer is also a good friend of August. She was one of the few that accepted August in the beginning of the school year. Julian is the antagonist in Wonder. He is always saying things to or about August. He really wants to be popular to the point where he is willing to be a jerk. Unfortunately, he doesn’t change. Via, August’s sister, is also going through hard times at her high school, including losing a best friend.

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