Oneee Your favorite character

stitch, disney, and blue image

Twoo Your favorite princess

Image removed

Threee Your favorite heroine

hercules, disney, and megara image
Meg (Hercules)

Fouur Your favorite prince

ariel and disney image
Ariel Prince (idk the name)

Fivee Your favorite hero

bolt, cute, and dog image

Sixxx Your favorite animal

disney, simba, and lion king image

Seveen Your favorite sidekick

disney, mulan, and dragon image
Mushu (Mulan)

Eiighht Your favorite villain

animal and book image
Shere Kahn (Jungle Book)

Ninee Your favorite original charakter

mickey, disney, and mickey mouse image

Teeeen Your favorite song

honey, disney, and childhood image
Winnie the Pooh - Honey Song

Eleeveen Your least favorite song

disney, beauty and the beast, and gaston image
Beauty and a beast - Gaston

Tweelve Your favorite villain song

ariel, little mermaid, and villains image
Poor unfortunate souls - Ariel

Thirteeeen Your least favorite villain song

cat, disney, and siamese image
The siamese cat song - Lady and the Tramp

Fourteeen Your favorite kiss

Image removed
Lady and the tramp

Fifteeen The first movie you saw

Temporarily removed
Winnie the Pooh

Sixxteen Your favorite classic

disney, 101 dalmatians, and dogs image
1001 dalmatins

Seventeen Your least favorite classic

Image removed
The hunchback of Notre Dame

Eighteen Your favorite Pixar Film

nemo, disney, and fish image

Nineeteen Your least favorite Pixar Film

Image by sweetarl 🧡
Wall e

Tweentyy Favorite Sequel

disney, copper, and fox image
The fox and the hound 2

Tweentyonee An overrated movie

cinderella, disney, and princess image

Tweentytwoo An underrated movie

Temporarily removed
The Tigger movie

Tweentythree A movie that makes you laugh

Image removed
Monster Ag

Tweentyfour A movie that makes you cry

quotes, heart, and sad image

Tweentyfive Favorite scene from favorite movie

Temporarily removed

Tweentysixx Saddest Death

dad, death, and lion king image
The Lion King - Mufasa

Tweentyseveen Favorite quote

bambi, quotes, and disney image

Tweentyeiight Favorite Theme Park

Tweentyninee Favorite Theme Attraction

florida, character, and disney image
Big Disney Characters

Thiirtyyy Favorite Theme Park Show

disney, fireworks, and castle image