Hey girl, it's me, a little months into the future.

I thought we could have a little conversation. In fact, I wanted to congratulate you. You were so right when you said the glory days were about to come.

Things have changed. A lot. It's even better than we imagined.

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You finally took that step we were so afraid to take.

Today, you are a more confident person. You believe in yourself and the things you create. You finally learnt to accept and love yourself as you are, knowing that you don't need to please no one.

Thanks to this, you had understood, finally, that you don't need anyone or anything to be happy. That your mistakes aren't chasing you. Past is past, and it doesn't have to affect your present, or your future. Knowing that has made things easier.

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You have learnt to love purely, not expecting soemthing back.

You have worked so hard for a place in the University of your dreams, and even though the results don't come back until next week, let me tell you I'm so proud of all the effort you put, the hours you studied and the things you sacrified. I'm pretty sure we made it.

You have to learn, though, to separate friendships and lovers from school. Dedicating too much time to the people you love is affecting your grades, and even though they're not that bad, you should pay more attention on it. We both love amazing grades.

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You are finally dealing with the fact that all the things finish at some point. Getting worried about that doesn't help at all (I learnt it the bad way), and it's better to think on the present, breathe and enjoy the little things.

You are happier. You are loving life as every day comes by, you have learnt to be positive and attract the good vibes into your life. You have learnt that being happy doesn't mean not having problems, but survivng over them.

I wish you could see how amazing life is now. You'd be proud.