Hello, guys! So I decided to create a little article series called Alter Ego that details the personality traits of the people in my alternative universe. It may sound weird, but I've always found comfort in creating characters in my head who are different from me, ranging from the way they dress, talk, act, etc. The amount of hearts and reactions I get on these articles doesn't matter to me, but feedback is much appreciated!
I hope you all enjoy. xoxo
Teeth white as pearls. Smile just as valuable as one.
Those four eyes of her's can see right through you.
Heartbroken, lied to, mistreated. But she continues to smile through it all. Holding her head up high and her middle finger higher.
She laughs at everything, smiles for no reason. She's confident, smart, and has got a heart that matches the size of her smile.
For that she is a force to be reckoned with. Undaunted by the amount of risks she takes or the mistakes she perpetrates.
In love with the human body and the body of the human. Passionate and down to earth she is. Cold and idealistic she is not.
Lauren. Lively. Adventurous. Unique. Rare. Enticing. Natural.
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