Yes, I know. There is a day between day 8 and day 10. However, I skipped that one because it was about your greatest accomplishment and I don't want to make a whole articles about that my greatest accomplishment is that... yeah, I was trying to think of some witty answer, however I just don't have any accomplishments. Ok? Ok. So next day-

Day 10

Describe your typical day

This is gonna be boring ok, so bear with me.

I wake up, do my skincare routine, go downstairs to eat my breakfast and make some coffee. Then when I'm done eating, I'm going to my room again to do my make-up. Afterwards I brush my teeth and dress myself.

Ok, then I get the train from my little village to the city nearby. Here I have to get another train to a city that 50 min away. I have to travel 1,5 hours to college every morning and then in the evening I have to do it again. Luckily I have my precious MacBook to keep me entertained.

When I arrive at college, I attend classes, but lately I just go an hour and then I go home, I know I have to travel for 3 hours for one hour of class. I just get too bored at college.

Then I travel back and watch Netflix and write reports. Eat dinner. Watch TV. Do my evening skincare routine. Finally I sleep.

This is my so amazing and thrilling life.