Hello everyone! Once again, I’m bringing you the new songs released this week. There are quite a few of them and since there were also quite a few albums released this week I will make a separate post about that. Anyways, let’s start!

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1. Fletcher – I Believe You

Genre: Pop
Listen when: You want to stand up to sexism

“They say step up and sit down
Shut up and back down
So what’s up, yeah, what’s up with that?
So we dress up, get felt up
Get shot down, don’t speak up
Yeah, what’s up, yeah, what’s up with that?
Are you holding back something
That you’ve just been dying to say?”

2. CXLOE – Monster

Genre: Pop
Listen when: You are cross with someone

“It’s caught up in my throat, I think I’m gonna choke
On all the lies I slept with in bed
Try to keep it on the low, like I’m under control
But you still got inside of my head”
“It’s what you made me, I’m a monster
And I’ll haunt ya and I’ll do just what you say
‘Cause baby lately an imposter is taking over
And she knows she’s gotta stay”

3. James Bay – Pink Lemonade

Genre: Pop
Listen when: You are getting over somebody

“Let me wake up heavy head
Lying in my bed with you naked
Go put that song on, that you love
On repeat, until we can’t take it
I wanna drink pink lemonade
Watching movie trailers ’til it’s late
And let’s remember all the words
That we think are gonna make our hearts break”

4. Alison Wonderland – No

Genre: Dance
Listen when: You are being honest

“Oh, it’s easy to be fooled
Into all the late night games
Is it ever feeling real?
We can change and make it right
If you ever see the light
Tell the devil it’s a deal”

5. Calum Scott – Give Me Something

Genre: Pop
Listen when: Your lover isn’t returning your love

“I left you flowers outside your door
I see ’em dyin’, it’s killing me
Feel like a man on a walkin’ wire
‘Cause every chance you get, you’re pushin’ me”
“You can break every bone, I’m still standin’ here
Waiting ’til you can finally see
You know all that we had, it was magic
Now tragically, I’m begging you please, oh”

6. What So Not & Skrillex – GOH (feat. KLP)

Genre: Electronic
Listen when: You want to dance

“Shut your mouth now
Shut your mouth now
‘Cause I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna know
Shut your mouth now
Shut your mouth now
‘Cause I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna know”

7. Years & Years – Sanctify

Genre: Pop
Listen when: You are doubting your sexuality

“You don’t have to be straight with me
I see what’s underneath your mask
I’m a man like you, I breathe the rituals of the dancer’s dance
Oh, oh”
“You’ll find redemption when all this is through
Father, forgive me for finding the truth
Love takes its toll on me, I’m just like you
Maybe it’s heavenly
Maybe it’s heavenly”

8. Lissie – Love Blows

Genre: Pop
Listen when: You are done with love

“I look around and all I see are the reminders of a dream that died
A sort of suicide, a love denied, a life incomplete
Sometimes, the best that you can do is just go silent and refuse to lose it
To choose your bruises and grit your teeth
Find your feet
I’m still the silly girl that’s singing”

9. Liv Dawson – Talk

Genre: Dance
Listen when: You want someone who is taken

“Frozen times
Hard goodbyes
Eyes open wide
And do you see me shine?
Am I on your mind?
‘Cause you look so tired
You’ve been running wild
I see it in your eyes”

10. The Neighbourhood – Flowers

Genre: Alternative
Listen when: People want you to be something you’re not

“Put on your clothes
Then I polish my toes
Then I powder my nose
In case you get close (get too close, baby)
Knock on your door
Then I put on a show
Then I gave you the floor
And you just froze”