hi, hearters over there.

today I want to tell you about how me, myself and I are dealing with our procrastination problems.

firstly, i'm not generalizing, but there's a lot of people who thinks procrastination is not an issue and it's just a trend, that is not an actual problem and even make fun about it. NO. It's an actual issue and the procrastinators are always flustered and not knowing what to do with their lives. I've been there, so here I left you my personal tips to deal with it. to my they're working, then I hope for you too:

1. aceppt it, but stop calling yourself a procrastinator.

it's obvious, but I have to write it. the way we see ourselves is EVERYTHING and if you see yourself like a procrastinator then you will be. simple.

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2. organization.

well, this one is the principal. I started procrastinating 'cause I'm not such an organizated person. yes, I do all my homework and all my ''school business'' but I was doing it all in the last minute. what I recommend you to be more organizated? by a person who is not sooo organizated, this really can help. do lists about everything that you want to do and put them on a visible place. I recommend you to do lists with vibrants colors and cute decorations.

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in whi you can found a lot of ideas.

3. goals and routines

goals and routines are expressly conected. how? all I can say is that in one of my favorite books (The Angel's Game), David Martin says ''the routine is the mother of the inspiration'' (or something like this. that's basically the literal translation from spanish) and at first I thought it was a stupid quote, but now it makes sense. if you don't know I write books, poems, songs, whatever...and now that I'm being more organizated I got a lot of time to write and that's really inspires me. I can go out, relax and then come with a new chapter of my novel. my actual goal is write a novel, and I think that if you have some goals you will try to rise up them and make a routine.

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These are basically the three tips that helps me a lot. As an extra, I recomend you to do the lists generalizing everything you will do. It's better than make a daily list, and if you are procrastiniting 'cause you don't know what so then watch Bungou Stray Dogs or Gotham, idk.

bye, see ya' later <3