Hello readers,
I haven't written an article in a while (actually the only one I wrote was to prevent self harm, suicide etc... back in 2017), but I PROMISE I will write more.

So, it's March!!! Jan and Feb passed by sooo quickly and guess what happened to my new year's resolutions? They're becoming reality!


They're not.

The real reason I'm writing now this article is because I want a change in my life. Every single time I say in my head "okay, this is your last day eating as a piece of sh*t" it lasts only until next breakfast. I thought that maybe, if I post it online, many of you might want to join me in this March for change!

Thank God it's still 3 months until June so we still have time to become hottest, fittest, healthiest chicks the planet has ever seen. Not for them, FOR US.

So, tomorrow I'II start eating clean. I will regulary post to keep you updated with my mood, health, skin (I suffer from acne and have huuge breakouts when I eat junk)...

I thought the first article could be some healthy breakfast ideas, just to start your day right! I'll post 5 breakfast recipe ideas, but you can use the one you like or the one that works for you.

Also, make sure you get enough vitamins, fiber, carbs etc with every meal! If you eat "dry" breakfast, drink some juice with it, and if you're having a smoothie, don't forget the oats! :)


My mom recently bought a waffler and I'm obsessed with making waffles! During the week I don't have time in the morning to make them, but when the weekend comes I almost always make them. For serving and toppings ideas, watch number 2!

avocado, breakfast, and brunch image


You can take a slice (or two or three; remember to not eat less, only healthier!) of ordinary bread or a toast and put on anything you like: mashed avocado, salmon, blueberries, peanut butter, honey, tomato...
TIP: try to avoid jams, processed bought toppings, nutella etc...

food, healthy, and fruit image food and healthy image food and toast image food, healthy, and fruit image


I put in smoothie whatever comes by the hand. Literally, everything. I



This is it guys, hope you like it!