Hi guys, sorry for being so absent in this period, but I was so busy. First of all University: I had a lot of exams to take; and then I went to London on holiday just to rest a little bit... but now I'm back and I hope you'll miss me xx
Today I want to do this little challenge and I want you to do it too; and if you do tag me!! So LET'S GET STARTED

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❥ Valencia, Spain

Image removed hotel, pink, and pastel image Image removed spain, travel, and valencia image

❥ Edinburgh, Scotland

city, london, and travel image scotland, city, and edinburgh image scotland, edinburgh, and travel image adventure, beautiful, and castle image

❥ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Temporarily removed brazil, rio, and rio de janeiro image beach, light, and night image autumn, bed, and bedroom image

❥ Ottawa, Canada

benches, canada, and city image Temporarily removed beautiful, canada, and canon image Temporarily removed

❥ Nassau, Bahamas

Temporarily removed atlantis, bahamas, and nassau image Temporarily removed mexico, tulum, and beach image

❥ Il Cairo, Egipt

cairo, egypt, and places image cairo, egypt, and travel image architecture, cairo, and egypt image cairo, egypt, and luxor image

❥ Copenaghen, Denmark

travel and copenaghen image copenhagen, snow, and københavn image christmas, lights, and city image amazing, beautiful, and girls image

❥ Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

summer, travel, and white image girl, photo, and sea image Temporarily removed Image removed

Thank you for reading, xx