As far as I can tell, started by @julie_stenled . I've slightly altered the format.


Image removed Temporarily removed green, aesthetic, and Letter image forest and friends image
shades of brown and green


Inspiring Image on We Heart It chiffon, floral, and forever 21 image red, aesthetic, and jacket image Temporarily removed
somewhere between edgy, a lumberjack, and a lost traveler


font, placement, and REF image animal, burger, and hamburger image food image mountain dew and vintage image
mostly fresh seafood and pub food


brown eyes, snow, and winter image animals, earth, and family image Image by Charlie Foxtrot wolf, animal, and nature image
dogs, giraffes, hawks, and wolves


book, books, and flowers image book, LOTR, and the hobbit image book, harry potter, and candle image book, Paradise Lost, and pasadena image
Norse Mythology, The Hobbit, The Prisoner of Azkaban, and Paradise Lost


Temporarily removed alan rickman, dogma, and rip image Abusive image gif, brothers, and Marvel image
Ferris Bueler's Day Off, Dogma, The World's End, and Thor: Ragnarok


merlin image lucifer and deckerstar image Abusive image sherlock and book image
Merlin, Lucifer, The Last Kingdom, and Sherlock


norway, pagan, and viking image snow, winter, and mountains image Temporarily removed travel, car, and book image
reading and studying norse mythology, skiing, violin, and traveling


Temporarily removed book, aesthetic, and library image fire, boy, and forest image art, museum, and painting image
travel the world, read more, go camping, visit more art museums


Temporarily removed aesthetic, indie, and quote image funny, aesthetic, and cake image grunge, theme, and roof image
prideful, curious, sarcastic, determined, adventerous


nature, forest, and grunge image Temporarily removed Image removed quotes, evil, and text image
adventure, old music, bluffing games
quotes, rebel, and albert camus image
related collection
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