I don't really know what this poem is supposed to be about. I wanted to make something Wilde-ish, something that included the Middle East and luxury and lots of other nice stuff, but of course, I ended up making a mess. Oh well! Hope you enjoy, darlings.

nails, red, and aesthetic image beach, tea time, and عربي image

exotic scents wrap up my senses
oh, what joy I feel!
upon the soft embroidered bed
are laid exquisite meals.

pastries sweet and peaches plump
delight my mouth in awe.
oh, what a show! to hell I owe
the pleasures of a god!

eternal beauty, endless lust, and
more and more to try.
I want so much, I get so much
and still- my lips are dry.

to break the rules, to drown in jewels,
to live a life so flawed!
and why repent? my soul was sent
the pleasures of a god.

milk-white bosoms welcome me and cradle me to sleep.
inside these walls, the golden halls
such sinful secrets keep.

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