hi, amazing people from the internet! today I bring some of my favorite things in life and I hope you like it!

rainy days
I love you so much, it's my favorite days of all time, I always love the noise of the rain reading a book!

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read and watch series
I'm in love with this universe, who is not?

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leave the house alone
I like to feel the wind breeze on the face, take the time to think a little.

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I love too much the vibe that the sunset behind, it's a unreal thing.

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be with friends and family
Is there anything better than talking to someone you love? get busy, gossip a little lmao

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no one lives longer without listening to music, this is fact. music took over everything and everyone, it's a pleasure thing.

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read articles, quotes that motivate me and make me happy
I love entering here and reading things that take me out of boredom or make me happy. Ever.

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hope you guys enjoy it! to the next article!!!!

xo, L