Hey guys, what’s up it’s Ivana coming at ya with a new article (finally after like 2 months or so lol). Soooo this article is going to be a tag! I was tagged by Caylie (@dystopiaglory) and Elodie (@cupidfied). Thank you girls for tagging me! ♡
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♡ o n e ♡

I’m a Slovak girl living in Serbia. My family is Slovak but I speak Serbian fluently as well and I can say I’m really proud that I can say that I’m different.

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♡ t w o ♡

I can lick my elbow (I recommend you guys should try it and send me a message if it was successful or not).

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♡ t h r e e ♡

I’m addicted to music, there’s not a single day I don’t listen to music.

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♡ f o u r ♡

I’m scared of bugs and clowns.

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♡ f i v e ♡

I love photography. You can often see some pics of nature or something on my IG story lol.

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♡ s i x ♡

My surname means 'doctor' in Slovak 😂

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♡ s e v e n ♡

I have a notebook filled with my favorite articles.

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♡ e i g h t ♡

I have 3 cats and their names are Tito, Luther and Tesla 😂

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♡ n i n e ♡

My backup account is

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♡ t e n ♡

My role model is Jessie Paege.

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♡ e l e v e n ♡

My favorite number is 16.

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♡ t w e l v e ♡

I’m obsessed with Eurovision lmao

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♡ t h i r t e e n ♡

My favorite colors are blue and bright pink.

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♡ That’s it for this article, thank you guys for reading, I hope you liked it and I think the next article is coming this week so stay tuned and follow me here for more!

xx, ivana.