If I could create a place,
a town, a city, or country,
it would be magical.
It would be breathtaking, timeless, and a beautiful sight.
Whoever walks into it will breath in the freshest of air.
They will feel as if nothing mattered anymore,
like a huge weight has lifted off of their shoulders.
It would be peaceful.
Everybody would know everybody.
There would be great party's.
And no, their wouldn't be alcohol or any negative things involved.
Everyone would be invited and they would come.
We would celebrate life and everything God has given us.
In my place,
there would be endless streams of waters.
Fresh rivers, lakes, ponds, and beaches everywhere.
Surrounding that, would be nature of all kind.
The greenest grass you would ever see,
the tallest trees and beautiful flowers of all colours.
There would be red, white, and pink rose bushes with the prettiest sight,
purple lavender with their sweetest scent,
yellow chrysanthemums with their many petals.

He loves me, he loves me not

Tulips, daisy's, dahlia's, flowers of all kinds, everywhere.
And in the ponds, there would be a mother duck with her ducklings.
There would be waterlilies with lotus flowers with dragonflies landing on one once in a while.
At the edge of my place would tall, rocky mountains with water surrounding it.

Wait, listen. Can you hear that? Shhh

That's the sound of the rustling of leaves as animals big and small,
scurry through it.
Up high in the trees will be a distant whoo of an owl.
Birds of all colours could be seen flying through the air or resting on a tree branch.

But at night,
Oh, you won't believe it.
The sunsets over all of that would be wondrous and dreamy.
Clouds of red, pink, purple, orange, and yellow.
When the moon came up, everyone would be asleep.
The stars would be so bright.
You could see the Milky Way, planets even from the earth if you just look up.
With your imagination, you could see even beyond that,
to the scary, infinite universe.
It would be quiet, with only the crickets chirping and the faint wind rustling against nature.
The world is still,

Humans and and animals would live in harmony.
Families would live in small cottages,
like the ones out of Snow White.
No fences or gates surrounding it.
No cars, no pollution.
Only horses and an electric train that ran all through my place.
No days would be the same.
Every person would be different.
People will fall in love.
But this was a different kind of love.
a love that couldn't be disrupted by anything.
This place would be the perfect place to run away too.
Along with this place, of course,
comes with a beautiful but sad story.
A girl,
and a boy.
But that's a different story...
dream on kids.

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Authors note//
Hey cuties!
I hoped you enjoyed reading this and got to imagine what my dream land would be. If only this could be real...
Anyways, let me know if you want a part 2.
of the boy and girl ofc.
bye for now though!