Art speaks where words unable to explain

Hi hearters!

I recently saw an article about pictures in museums, and last weekend I was in a museum myself, and did some photos. I got inspired and tought I could share my favorites with you that I would love to recreate:)


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When you try to copy the painting's mood. You try to do similar things, try to act like you're the part of the painting too. It is super fun to do especially if you're doing it with your best friend or some friends.


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Actually these types of pictures look way better when you stand in front of the painting, and the photo is of your back plus the painting. But this is just my opinion, and of course you can do it from different angles.

3. Itself

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About the museum itself. It can look really artistic and super cool. Plus you have some fun during you search for the right angle to actually take the photo.


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I haven't got the chance to try this but I really wanna! I think it looks awesome, maybe it can be awkward when you do this in a crowded museum, so I have no idea how to do this actually:D

So that was all, I usually recreate these types. If you liked it, and I got any more idea, I can do a 2nd part of it, just let me know if you liked it! (by this I mean, write me you like it or not, it would be so much help!)

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See ya next time!