I remember the feeling i felt when you held my hand. I wanted so badly to pull you closer to me. But i couldn't because friends don't do that. And I was scared to show you how intoxicated you made me feel. You didn't want me anyway but how you touched me told me differently. Sometimes I think back to those days and remember how you smiled when you would catch me staring at your lips longer than friends do. Did you know what you did to me? Or how jealous I got when you told me that you liked one of my best friends. I remember smelling your perfume as you rested your head on my shoulder. I kept telling myself that I didn't like girls i just thought they were pretty. But never have i wanted to be so intimate with anyone like you. My heart would flutter whenever you pulled me back not caring if we were late for class. I told my self that the feeling would go away ,and yet year later I'm still regretting the things i didn't say to you. The kisses we never shared. Because I was too fucking scared to admit that you drove me crazy and loved it.