First, I have not that much good friends, only four i think.
Okey and I love all of them so so much.


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Uh, i know this girl since kindergarten and we have almost the same personality. But she's so CONFIDENT,tall and beautiful! Sche is the cutest of my friends and she wants to visit korea too.


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Victoria is my bestie since grade seven, she is rather cool and casual. She LOVES Cole Sprouse! From my friends she's the craziest but i think I know nobody who study so much.


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I know Lena from kindergarten too our parents are friends too. She is a really happy Person and in all the years i think I saw her three times sad. She drinks a lot and like to go to parties. She loves Unicorns!!!


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I know Noah for two years now but he is my male best friend even if I don't see him that much. He is the sarcastic person i ever known but also one of the lovliest. I always tell him my problems six times but he still listen to me. He also is a big star wars fan.

So you can see my friends have all so different character trails and I love they so much I think without them i couldnt live!

Have a good life and llove your friends!

Some pictures which Victoria and me want to recreate: