Hello guys,

Name: Marischa Monsanto
Nationality: half Indonesian / half Dutch
I'm 16 years old and i'm a senior.
I wanted to say someting about me because i think it matters. All lives matters.

When i was 5 years old my dad died of cancer. So i don't really know a father figure. The only thing i know of him is his music taste.
(I listen to the same music as him)

When i turned 14 i start developing a dark side...depression. I realised that i didn't have the things i wanted, one of them was my dad.
I started self-harming when i was 15. I still do it sometimes.

I'm a depressed, emotional, punk, emo, grunge teenager....IDK what i am.

I think you know enough. I Love you guys. Let nobody ruin your day... <3