Hey guys!

So you've probably noticed that We Heart It is under little 'My name in...' apocalypse. And you know what? I'm part of it too! It's easy, it's fun, it's creative, and it helps people to get to know each other. And I love it.

I'v been thinking lately about what I will write next, if it's going to be my name in colors or my name in songs, and I decided to go for animals! They are innocent and adorable, and they deserve everything on this world. I love them with my whole heart, so here is my name in animals!

♥ M i c h e l :

☆ M e e r k a t

Meerkats are one of the most adorable animals I've ever seen. I had the opportunity to see them (like really see, touch them and hold them and everything) live two years ago. They sound a bit like ravens.

Temporarily removed meerkats image animal and family image animal, meerkat, and baby image

☆ I m p a l a

I've probably never seen them live, but I think they are beautiful and elegant. And they can jump really high!

Temporarily removed 2008, adventure, and August image animal, impala, and photography image bush, nature, and flickrdiamond image

☆ H o r s e

Horses are my passion since I was a child, I used to ride them and I even played an online game called Howrse (but I focused more on doing graphics than taking care of them hahaha).

Image removed Image removed horses image Image removed

☆ C a t

Cats are the funniest and the cutest creatures on the world. I got 4 cats at home, and they are my everything.

cat and white image cats image cat, animal, and kitten image bengal, sleepy, and cute image

☆ E l e p h a n t

I absolutely adore elephants. They are amazing, and they always make me smile. There's just so much positive energy around them.

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☆ L i o n

My star sign is leo. And I truly am a lion. They are brave, strong and powerful. No wonder that they're called the kings of animals.

Image by anteros Temporarily removed lion, animal, and theme image lion, animal, and family image

And we're at the end again! I seriously love this challenge and I am planning to continue in it, hope I won't annoy you hahaha.

Thank you so so so much for your hearts and reactions, you are truly the best! ♥

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See you soon, angels!
Kisses, Michel ♥