Hi everyone today in gonna do the This is me challenge.
Leeet's gooooo.


grunge aesthetic funny life
some people say that i'm pretty clumsy , sarcastic ,weird ,but that i got a good heart.I don't understand either,but this is me ,wanna be my friend?
  • Style
aesthetic aesthetic aesthetic autumn
Pretty normal:)
  • Colour
Superthumb be here now gay Superthumb
i like every color even the grayscale, colours are perfect.
  • Animals
animal animal animal animal
I'm more a cat person but pugs are life.
  • Food
blueberry pizza chocolate chocolate
Now i'm hungry , again.
  • Music
arctic monkeys 1d Superthumb Superthumb
and many more...
  • Books
Superthumb book book Superthumb
  • Movies
daniel radcliffe 10 things i hate about you lindsay lohan coco
Harry Potter saga,10 things i hate about you, The parent trap and Coco.This was too difficult cause i love so many movies.
  • Tv series
rachel emily eva dustin
Friends, Pretty Little Liars ,Skam ,Stranger Things.
  • Goals
Superthumb city wallpaper adventure
Travel for the world.

Thank you for reading this, hope you like it.

Love , Val.