Ellen DeGeneres isn´t just one of the funniest, she´s also one of the kindest and bravest women I know. Even though people told her outing as a lesbian would damage her career, she did it successfully. She faced the ruin it came with and didn´t give up. Outing brought her back to her roots: stand-up comedian in small bars. Still she fought for her rights and her career. 2001, four years after her coming-out, her perseverance paid off. The Ellen Show premiered, she moderated the Emmys and borrowed Dori from Find Nemo her voice. In 2003 she finally got what she always deserved: her own show. The Ellen DeGeneres Show was born and she gained a lot of popularity. Until now it belongs to the most watched TV-shows during the day with 2,74 million viewers per episode. That´s the reason most people including me love her. Although there´s a reason she is an even greater person:

Her work in aid organisations.

Ellen supports the organisation PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) and is spokeswoman of HRC Coming Out Project. Additionatly she helps collecting donations, for example in 2005 after hurricane Katrina. Recently she celebrated her sixtieth birthday on her show. Her wife Portia de Rossi made her the "best gift" she could´ve asked for. The gift was a foundation called The Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund and buildings belonging to it to help gorillas. I´ve never seen someone that happy about a gift. Most people would have asked what stupid joke that is, but not Ellen.

To me Ellen is someone I can and should look up to. Someone, who values the things she has but keeps reaching for more and especially someone representing how humans should be.

Thanks, Ellen DeGeneres for doing what you do and standing up, when others stay silent!

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