Hi there! I've just read a challenge like this and it seemed like fun, so I've wanted to try it out for myself. I'm not that good at English so I am sorry.

1. Songs:
D: Dangerous by Left boy
O: One more bottle by Hollywood Undead
R: Ryder or Riot by Ken Ashcorp
I: I'm so sorry by Imagine Dragons
N: No twerk by Apashe
A: Agust D by Agust D

2. Tv shows/ books/ movies:
D: Doug
O: Originals
R: Ratatouille
I: Inside Out
A: Atlantis: the lost empire

3. Characteristics:
D: deep.
O: odd.
R: romantic.
I: imaginative
N: naive.
A: artistic.

4. Celebrities/ Characters:
D: David Guetta
O: One ok rock (it's a band, I don't know if it counts)
R: Ruelle
I: Indilla
N: Natalia Kills
A: Aurora

5. Random things:
Drawing is a hobby of mines.
On the way to become a speech therapist.
Recently started to learn at a university.
I like to listen to all kind of songs.
Not even close to perfect. ;)
Anime fan (otaku)

+1. I just love animes so I wanted to try to make this with anime titles as well:
Death Parade
Ouran High School Host Club
Re:Zero kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu
Nanatsu no taizai
Arslan Senki.

That is all, I hope you enjoyed reading this, and maybe you learned something new about me as well. Thank you for reading it. <3