Hi guys!!! So nice to meet you.

I'm going to start doing the ABC tag. I think this could be so interesting, so there I go.

A- Artists
Emma Watson & Ed Sheeran

emma watson image <3, ed, and singer image

B- Best Movies
To me the best movies in this world are Marley and me and Clueless.

dog, marley and me, and film image Clueless, 90s, and movie image Clueless, 90s, and movie image marley and me image

C- Colours
In this picture you can see my favourite colors: PINK, WHITE, BLACK.

room, home, and bedroom image

D- Drink you last had

voss, lemon, and water image

E - Everyday Starts With
Glass of milk with cookies

Cookies, food, and milk image

F - Favourite Song(s)
I like so much songs, so I can´t decide just a few.
Actually i like so much this one:
'Ed Sheeran - Supermarket flowers'

G- Gardens Goals

design, home, and luxury image light, home, and house image

H- Hig Heels Shoes

fashion, shoes, and heels image fashion, black, and shoes image

I - In Love With
Animals, summer, cactus.

baby, blue, and cuddles image beach, dress, and summer image
books, cactus, and decor image

J- Jonas Brothers
Because I was the biggest fan of them.

nick jonas, Joe Jonas, and jonas brothers image

K - Killed Someone
Never in person, but I have in my mind

book, people, and punch image

L - Last Time You Cried
I don't know.

pink, quotes, and cry image

M - Middle Name

no, flowers, and um image

N - Number Of Siblings

baby, cute, and kids image

O - One Wish
Travel so much!!!!!

nature, travel, and adventure image couple, travel, and wine image

P - Person You Last Called / Texted

beach, boy, and couple image

Q- Quote

love, quotes, and flowers image

R- Room you would like

Image removed bedroom, home, and room image
bedroom, clothes, and organization image

S - Song You Last Sang
Ed Sheeran - Perfect

darling, duet, and poem image

T - Time You Woke Up
06:10 AM

bed, sun, and sleep image

U - Underwear Colour

black, body, and jeans image

V - Vacation Place(s)
I'd like to go to Ibiza, Maldivas & New York.

black&white, concert, and summer image beach, holidays, and traveling image
city, new york, and travel image

W - Worst Habits
nails biting

nails, white, and rings image

X- X-mas favourite food

christmas, winter, and food image

Y - Your Favourite Food

cheese, delicious, and food image pizza, food, and cheese image

I don't know nothing with letter Z. Sorry hihi

I would like to much to receive comments and love of all of you if you want more articles, tags or challenges. I hope you all like my account.
Love, L