Hi guys!!! So nice to meet you.

I'm going to start doing the ABC tag. I think this could be so interesting, so there I go.

A- Artists
Emma Watson & Ed Sheeran

black and white Superthumb

B- Best Movies
To me the best movies in this world are Marley and me and Clueless.

dog 90s 90s Superthumb

C- Colours
In this picture you can see my favourite colors: PINK, WHITE, BLACK.

room, home, and bedroom image

D- Drink you last had

voss, lemon, and water image

E - Everyday Starts With
Glass of milk with cookies

Cookies, food, and milk image

F - Favourite Song(s)
I like so much songs, so I can´t decide just a few.
Actually i like so much this one:
'Ed Sheeran - Supermarket flowers'

G- Gardens Goals

Superthumb balcony

H- Hig Heels Shoes

fashion black

I - In Love With
Animals, summer, cactus.

Superthumb beach
books, white, and cactus image

J- Jonas Brothers
Because I was the biggest fan of them.

nick jonas, Joe Jonas, and jonas brothers image

K - Killed Someone
Never in person, but I have in my mind

book, people, and punch image

L - Last Time You Cried
I don't know.

pink, quotes, and cry image

M - Middle Name

no, flowers, and um image

N - Number Of Siblings

baby, cute, and kids image

O - One Wish
Travel so much!!!!!

adventure Superthumb

P - Person You Last Called / Texted

love, couple, and summer image

Q- Quote

love, quotes, and flowers image

R- Room you would like

Superthumb bed
bedroom, clothes, and organization image

S - Song You Last Sang
Ed Sheeran - Perfect

darling, duet, and sunset image

T - Time You Woke Up
06:10 AM

sleep, sun, and wake up image

U - Underwear Colour

black, lingerie, and sexy image

V - Vacation Place(s)
I'd like to go to Ibiza, Maldivas & New York.

Superthumb Superthumb
city, new york, and travel image

W - Worst Habits
nails biting

nails, white, and rings image

X- X-mas favourite food

christmas, winter, and food image

Y - Your Favourite Food

Superthumb cheese

I don't know nothing with letter Z. Sorry hihi

I would like to much to receive comments and love of all of you if you want more articles, tags or challenges. I hope you all like my account.
Love, L