oioiiiiii! i was finding some places to visit and i found so many cities and amazing beaches to go to so i though of doing this :)

bali, indonesia

bali, beach, and green image bali, inka, and travel image

santorini, greece

clothes, fashion, and girls image travel, flowers, and Greece image

new york, usa

architecture, city, and manhattan image city, new york, and car image

cape town, south africa

africa image nature, love, and africa image

london, england

girl, alternative, and city image london, city, and travel image

belmopan, belice

Temporarily removed nature image

amsterdam, netherlands

travel, aesthetic, and house image amsterdam image

dubai, united arab emirates

beautiful places, Dubai, and cities image Temporarily removed

palma de mallorca, spain

mallorca, old town, and spain image beach, blogger, and boho image

cinque terre, italy

Temporarily removed house, sea, and city image

huaraz, peru

beautiful, beautiful world, and peru image lodge, mountain, and huaraz image

cabo san lucas, mexico

cabo san lucas, beautiful beaches, and family vacation image travel, cabo san lucas, and totesnewsworthy image

montreal, canada

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that's it!

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