This is an article with some places I really want to visit and a few that I've already seen.

  • Berlin, Germany
berlin, christmas, and europe image architecture, berlin, and europe image berlin, germany, and holocaust memorial image germany, berlin, and city image
I went to Berlin for a school trip in 2016 and I loved it. I would like to come back one day.
  • Paris, France
paris, notre dame, and vintage image paris, travel, and france image travel, paris, and city image paris, travel, and france image
I always wanted to visit this beautiful city. I have cousins who live near Paris and I hope to go there soon.
  • Milan, Italy
milan, travel, and architecture image milan, architecture, and city image architecture, italy, and milano image beauty, lights, and people image
I live very close to Milan so i go there often and it's always beautiful, but i hate pigeons lol
  • Prague, Czech Republic
architecture, buildings, and castle image adventure, beautiful, and city image castle, jesus, and prague image clock, prague, and art image
I went to Prague for a school trip on 2015 but I'd ike to come back and visit it better.
  • Naples, Italy
Image by Mike B Naples image architecture, Naples, and italy image architecture, italy, and Naples image
I've been there four times because my mother's cousins ​​live there and I could see three times my internet best friend.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark
travel, aesthetic, and architecture image copenhagen, denmark, and nyhavn image copenhagen, denmark, and europe image buildings, city, and color image
When I was little I saw a movie set in Copenhagen and I'd love to visit it one day.
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
amsterdam and travel image flowers, tulips, and amsterdam image amsterdam and travel image amsterdam, beautiful, and canals image
I think it's a wonderful city and I hope to go there soon.
  • London, United Kingdom
london, Big Ben, and city image london, travel, and red image Big Ben, blue, and boot image building, city, and england image
I've always love this beautiful city even though I've never been there.
  • Venice, Italy
beautiful, travel, and europe image girl, venice, and dress image italy, place, and venice image italy, travel, and venice image
I visited this beautiful city many years ago with my family.
  • Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona, spain, and city image Barcelona, spain, and Sagrada Familia image orange, green, and indie image Barcelona, city, and spain image
I'd love to spend a week here with my best friend.