Where will I live?

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I'd like to live in Seattle, L.A, or a fancy apartment in New York City. I want to fill my house with plants and keep a cozy theme all around.


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I really want two or three dogs when I am older. My favorite breeds at the moment are French Bulldogs, Pitbulls, Golden Retrievers, and Burmese Mountain Dogs


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I'd like to work as a marine biologist, a writer/journalist,an actress, or the CEO of a big media company.


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I really want my weddin to be ouside and filled with a lot of plants. I've always wanted a poofy wedding dress since when I was a kid, especially dresses with lace or a lot of detail. My dream colors would probably be maroon and emerald which is unusual but beautfiul.


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I want two kids, preferably two girls but baby boys are also adorable. Some names I love for kids are Emaline,Mariposa (Posey), Valentina,Noah,Jaxon,and James.