Why change? Everyone has his own style. When you have found it, you should stick to it.

Finding one's own style is one of the major changes every girl goes through. It's a fun journey and requires lots of experimentation. Style is a very important part of every women's lives, it makes us who we are and shows the world our personality without having to say a word. So here's how to find your own style part 1, because like I said, this is a very long process.

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First of all, there are three sentences that will guide us through this journey. They will become the foundation of your style and can be seen as rules that should always be followed. These three sentences are things that you'll ask yourself and that we'll use to build your style.

What do I want to wear?

What can I wear?

What should I wear?

These questions are very simple and yet they lead to very complicated answers.

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1. What I want to wear

Not everyone has a clear idea of what they want to wear or look like, which is why this article focuses on finding out what styles you like the best. We heart it is an amazing website and we can find a lot of inspiration.

We will start by separating the major groups of styles that we can find in this website. I've separated the five major groups into collections so it will be easier to find inspiration or a specific aesthetic within those.

This one is all bout sunflowers, art, yellow and Van Gogh.
Oversized sweaters, long twisted braids and jeans are what you'll find here.
Being a baddie, a bad bitch, is all about the attitude, and the clothes, of course. Lots of nudes, very tight dresses and skirts with long silky hair.
Classy clothes and classy posture. Very chic and vogue-ish.
Korean styles are becoming more and more present in our life, and this collection focuses around the typical pure aesthetic that it follows.

These are the main types of aesthetic that you can find in here and get inspo from. Of course, following only one is nearly impossible, people are diverse and sticking to one single style is very hard.

For example, my style is a mix between classic vogue and sunflower, but what I would really want it to be is bad bitch.

What I can wear

I know this might sound strange, but before you jump into conclusions, the only limit to what you can or can't is yourself. What does this mean? In this part of the article I'll be focusing about making you understand that not always what you want to wear is the same as what you can wear.

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Some clothes are very uncomfortable, they can irritate your skin while others might be too revealing for your personality. The thing about clothes or your own style is that you should be confident on yourself.

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If wearing short skirts or cleavage makes you uncomfortable then you should avoid these items. The same goes for the season, don't catch a cold just because you want to look pretty and don't overheat because that amazing long-sleeved shirt you bought yesterday.

What I should wear

As much as I love standing up against the patriarchy, there are many rules, espetially in high school, at college or even at the workplace that can limit what your wardrobe looks like. I know that most of these rules are stupid such as most high school dresscodes, but my goals is for you to stay educated and I don't want the principal sending you home because you wore a skirt that was too short.

Is it unfair? Yes. But for now we'll fight getting our education to prove everyone wrong and once we've got everything, we'll change the rules.

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So... that's basically it. I hope you'll like this article and that it was helful, I will be posting the next part as soon as possible to continue with this small self-love rebellion.
- Dahiandra