Hello Guys!

In my first article I show you what you can find in my Bag!
First of all you should know that I´m an absoulutly typical Girl, because I hab´ve so many Bags ;-)

P.S. I´m from Germany, so my English is not the best one. Sorry for that :-)

bag and Michael Kors image

My Bag is from Michael Kors. ( its not the Bag on the Picture ) I have the Jet Set Travel Bag from Michael Kors in brown.

Michael Kors, fashion, and purse image

My Wallet is also from Michael Kos.
( yes, I love Michael Kors ;-) )

bag, make up, and nude colors image

Of course I have always a Makeup Bag in my Handbag. Most just an Lipstick or Powder to fresh my Makeup.

nails, Victoria's Secret, and perfume image

Also I have always a Perfume in my Bag, just to feel and smell good.

bubble, candy, and food image

And i can´t go out with Bubble Gum or some Sweets in my Bag.

Thats it!
I hope you enyoed and sorry for that really bad English but I tried my best.