Would You Help?
I cry at midnight when the city’s lights go down,
So I can smile the next day and pretend to be fine,
I don’t wanna bother you with the silly things you don’t care about,
These silly things you always make fun of,
The silly things that makes me wanna die every night.
I’m sorry I was born this way, to care when someone tells me to die,
In the end I have a heart not a stone you know,
I care when I say I don’t,
And I cry when I say I’m fine,
That’s just the way I’m.
And if you still claim you care, please complete reading to understand at least my point of view,
I’m not okay when I say I’m,
Even though I insist I’m,
I know I don’t give clues when I’m not,
And I know you don’t know what’s going on because I don’t tell,
But I know too you wouldn’t care if I do,
You would always find a way to stop me from telling,
So I wrote it down for you to read so you don’t stop me from doing it.
I say I’m okay because I don’t want to bother but if you look closely you’ll know I’m not,
That’s just the way I’m,push people out when I want them in.
I just need someone to help me when I couldn’t help myself,
I need someone to save me when I always found a way to hurt myself,
I need someone to love me when I hated myself in every possible way,
I need someone to see me as the most beautiful person when I broke every mirror I saw.
So please can you be that one and help me recover?