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Greece, mykonos, and aegean sea image architecture, Greece, and Temple image summer, beach, and ocean image Greece, photography, and scene image
Greece: greece is so estetik


Island, summer, and vacation image architecture, beauty, and blue image camel, holiday, and morocco image Temporarily removed
Djerba tunesia: it is very hot there (I go there in this summer vacation)


blue, ocean, and beach image bora bora, beach, and sea image beach, colors, and filter image sea, beach, and summer image
Bora bora: I want to go here so badly!


awsome, photography, and trip image clouds, europe, and Pisa image beauty, city, and fashion image Temporarily removed
italy: many places to visit and many places to eat.


Greece image Temporarily removed Greece, summer, and sea image white, Greece, and travel image
Mikonos: it is really a dream vacation


chanel, coffee, and dior image Temporarily removed drink, wine, and summer image luxury, summer, and travel image
Saint Tropez: so nice! you can do a lot there!


Temporarily removed Dominican Republic image Dominican Republic and sosua image Temporarily removed
dominican republic: I went here and I can assure you it is a dream trip!


adventure, explore, and journey image ethan dolan, dolan twins, and ethan image Image removed Temporarily removed
Kauai, Hawaii: Who does not want to go to Hawaii now? it is so beautiful there!


beautiful places, cities, and Dubai image Temporarily removed brown, désert, and oriental image beautiful, Dubai, and pool image
Dubai: perfect place to be


amazing, cool, and egypt image Image removed egito image cairo, camel, and egypt image
Egypte: here you can gain a lot of culture. and it is very hot!


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image removed city, morocco, and view image
marrakech: I really want to go on holiday there!


africa, beach, and boat image adorable, africa, and amazing image Temporarily removed africa, beach, and country image
Gambia: it is so nice there! the people are so sweet and welcome. I went there last year with school, the girls made clothes for the kids and the boys made goals to play football and benches for the children.

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